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LSAT Options

Do I need to take the LSAT?

The LSAT is optional for most applicants to GUCL.

Requiring the LSAT for admission is fundamentally at the discretion of each CBA law school in Southern California. The LSAT is not required by law or by the State Bar of CA with a few exceptions. When applying to GUCL, all prior law students must provide an LSAT score, and applicants who have previously taken the LSAT must disclose their full score history.

A Selective Application Process

An Application for Admission to GUCL without an LSAT score is expected to present with greater excellence in other areas. Applicants are encouraged to reflect on whether applying with or without an LSAT score is optimal based on the totality of their qualifications and whether the requisite skills, abilities, and commitment can be demonstrated through other aspects of the application process.

Request LSAT Counseling

Should I take the LSAT anyway?

Submitting a strong law school application matters, LSAT or no LSAT. Applying with a sound LSAT score remains an ideal way to demonstrate skills, abilities, and commitment to the Admissions Committee. Other strategic reasons to consider taking the LSAT include:

  • Opportunity for admission at multiple law programs in Southern California
  • Potential to qualify for scholarships
  • Skill assessment that can help with law program selection

Test Preparation

If you decide to take the LSAT, preparation is critical. GUCL recommends visiting for access to free and/or inexpensive test prep material and guidance.

It is unwise to underestimate the LSAT. Thorough preparation is time consuming; it typically takes 6-8 weeks with a high level of focus and many, many practice tests. If you are going to take the LSAT, make the goal to be fully prepared, to take the test only once, and to get the best score possible based on your individual test-taking abilities.

Credential Assembly Service (CAS)

GUCL does not require that applicants subscribe to the Credential Assembly Service (CAS) offered by LSAC. Documents can be submitted directly to GUCL electronically or by U.S. Mail.

Applicants who choose to use CAS should mark "YES" on question 8 of the Application for Admission. Candidates should contact CAS to confirm all documents have been received, designate GUCL as a recipient school, assign two letters of recommendation to GUCL, and pay fees. GUCL will contact LSAC directly to order the Law School Report.