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Structured Program

A Structured Law Program, Refined for Decades

Gradual and steady progress during GUCL’s structured four-year law program helps students' achieve peak skills and abilities right before graduating and taking the CA Bar Exam.

First Year - GUCL gives students a chance to succeed in law school by recognizing that all new law students are beginners. By offering appropriately scaled subject matter and academic support, GUCL provides a friendly yet rigorous path of development.

Second Year - With solid skills now in place, students are prepared for the increase in volume and sophistication of second year subjects. After completing the second year, they reflect on how far they've come and move ahead with confidence.

Third Year - After two years of law studies, students are ready to pivot into more advanced courses such as Constitutional Law, Evidence, and Moot Court. They feel empowered, see a visible transformation, and are ready for their final year of law school.

Fourth Year - The fourth year curriculum moves away from casebook learning and into practical training including pretrial and trial practice, and mock trials. Students also prepare for the bar exam performance test and review select bar exam subjects.