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Since 2018, GUCL students have been awarded over $137k in tuition scholarships!

LA County Committee of Bar Examiners (LACCBE) Accredited Law Schools Scholarship

GUCL students have been awarded over $137k in LACCBE tuition scholarships since the 2018/2019 academic year. These annual scholarships are worth $3,000 each and are awarded based on need and merit to students of three CBA law programs in Southern California. An independent organization, Scholarship America, objectively administers the scholarship and determines recipients. Get more details here.

GUCL New Student Merit Scholarship

GUCL has a well-established reputation as one of the most affordable, accredited part time law programs in Southern California.

In addition to offering a competitively-priced Juris Doctor program that benefits all students in attendance for their entire legal education, merit-based scholarships are available to new first-year law students at GUCL.

The Admissions Committee considers previous academic achievement and performance on the LSAT when determining scholarship eligibility. Completed applicant files including, at minimum, a bachelor’s degree and LSAT score, are automatically reviewed for scholarship eligibility; no extra forms or paperwork are required. Prior-law student applicants, no LSAT applicants, and non-degreed applicants are not eligible for GUCL’ s New Student Merit Scholarship.

Scholarships granted will vary in amount depending on the level of achievement in those areas. Scholarships range from $1,000 to 20% of first-year tuition.

Applicants who are awarded a scholarship will be notified of the decision in their offer of admission letter.

External Scholarship Opportunities

A part time law university, GUCL regularly receives information about scholarship opportunities offered by Bar Associations, law firms, and other law-related organizations. As received, details are shared with the GUCL community by email and through the law school's Facebook page. (One of many good reasons to "Like" GUCL on Facebook!)

Sallie Mae Graduate Scholarship Search

Students of evening law programs in Southern California can search many other oppotunities for scholarships by clicking Sallie Mae Graduate Scholarship Search.