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Limited Debt Mindset

Minimize Academic Debt and Empower your Career

Glendale University College of Law proudly offers one of the most affordable, accredited law programs in Southern California.

The combination of GUCL's competitive tuition with options for monthly or quarterly interest-free payment plans, allows many students to graduate without borrowing. This empowers GUCL graduates to make career and life choices based on fulfillment rather than servicing excessive academic debt.

GUCL can offer a reasonably priced part time JD program for several reasons:

  • GUCL is institutionally stable
  • GUCL has conscientious and fiscally-sound management
  • GUCL seeks to maintain an educational opportunity that is financially accessible

This mindset also facilitates responsible borrowing by students who do need a loan.

According to the U.S. News & World Report's 2022 rankings, the average cost of a law program at the nation's top schools will leave students with nearly $200,000 in debt upon graduation. More and more prospective law students are deciding that a six-figure Juris Doctor program is not a smart economic choice.

Tuition Comparison Links

Consider attending the part time JD program at GUCL as a more affordable alternative for a Juris Doctor degree. To compare costs, GUCL's current tuition of $650 per quarter unit equals $975 per semester unit.

Check out how tuition at the GUCL evening JD program compares to other top law schools in Southern California: