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Practical Training

Practical Training for Future Lawyers

Glendale University College of Law provides all evening JD program students with instruction in legal theory and practical skills. The required practical training ranges from legal writing and professional responsibility to financial literacy, document drafting and trial practice.

Professional Responsibilities of Attorneys (PRA)

In PRA, students will study the conduct that the law requires of an attorney. Students will thoroughly learn the rules of professional conduct governing the legal profession. PRA is designed and scheduled to permit students to take and pass the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE) which is required to receive a license to practice law in California.

Appellate Advocacy

The Appellate Advocacy project, completed over three quarters, is based on unsettled issues of law, where appellate courts have developed a split of opinion. The course requires extensive legal research and writing of an objective legal memorandum, two appellate briefs, and the standard of review and argument portion of an appellate brief.

Pretrial Practice

In Pretrial Practice, students learn the basics of how to practice law. Students navigate the course as if they are a newly hired associate at a law firm, where the partners are aware they are inexperienced but still expect an excellent work product. Pretrial Practice covers: the pretrial process; evaluating and building a case; initiating and defending a lawsuit; pleadings; managing relationships with opposing counsel, your client, and the court; discovery; depositions; pretrial motions; and settlement processes.

Moot Court Program

As an extension of the Appellate Advocacy course, all third-year students at GUCL participate in the Moot Court Program. After a process of revisions of advanced memoranda and appellate briefs, all students submit a final appellate brief and make oral arguments in front of a panel of judges. Awards are given to the students who receive high grades on the brief and/or oral arguments made on behalf of the appellant or appellee.

Unlike many law programs in Southern California who "cherry pick" Moot Court participants, the structure of the Moot Court Program at GUCL gives all part time JD students the opportunity to demonstrate their advocacy skills.

Trial Practice

In Trial Practice, a two-quarter course, students learn the process of conducting a trial, trial techniques and will conduct a trial.A hands-on experience, students make oral presentations before the entire class, which are critiqued by their cohorts. Students learn and practice all facets of a trial: opening statements, direct examinations, cross examinations, admission of exhibits and expert witnesses and closing arguments. Students complete the course by preparing a trial brief, arguing motions and conducting a full trial. A visit to the Superior Court to observe proceedings is also required.

Certified Law Student

GUCL third- and fourth-year law students often participate in The State Bar of California's Practical Training of Law Students (PTLS) program, which certifies law students at CBA and ABA law schools in Southern California to provide legal services under the supervision of an attorney. Details about this opportunity for part time law university students can be found on the State Bar website.